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Technology that saves lives

How the rivalry between men and women on traffic has begun? Rodolfo and Nice accepted the challenge to show who is the best while driving on a lane under harsh conditions, but both had to rely on a big help from technology. Watch the video and see why the ESP® is one of the most important automotive safety innovations of recent times.

More about ESP®

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The ESP® technology ensures the vehicle's control and stability in harsh situations, avoiding up to 80% of accidents caused by skidding.

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8 milestones of road safety

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The ESP® is considered by specialists as the greatest automotive safety invention, right behind the safety belt. its main function is to avoid skidding. Sometimes a simple bend in the road is enough to put your life in danger. Studies about accidents around the world prove that skidding and its consequences are one of the principal causes os serious and fatal accidents.

That is why Bosch has joined forces with its partners in the Global NCAP initiative, which objective is to raise awareness to accident prevention technologies. "For Bosch, any fatal accident is too many. With our technologies, we ca protect human lives around the world", says Dirk Hoheisel, a member of Bosch's global board of directors. Therefore, we support the #stopthecrash campaign, an initiative to raise the awareness about safety systems such as the ESP®.

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Additional functions of ESP®

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The ESP® technologies can reduce accidents caused by skidding in up to 80%.

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Why do i need the ESP®?

At least 40% of all the fatal accidents are caused by skidding. Studies show that the ESP® can reduce accidents caused by skidding in up to 80%.

Are there different names for the ESP®?

Yes. The ESP® is also known by other names, such as: DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), VSA (Vehicle Stability Assist) or VSC (Vehicle Stability Control).

Is it possible to install the ESP® later on an existing vehicle?

No. The ESP® cannot be installed after the vehicle is finished. Therefore, when you buy your next vehicle, do the right choice right from the start. Choose an ESP® equipped vehicle.