Almost Real

A technology which is already near you

Game consoles are part of the daily life of many people. Soccer, dance, tennis and countless games use movement detection. Clearly, many applications of games use sensors MEMS (Microelectromechanical Systems), e.g. acceleration sensors to detect movements to improve the user’s game experience. Detecting the user’s particular movement is converted into an interface based upon movement for a game. This opens a world of opportunities for simpler and more interactive user interfaces

MEMS are essential components in a connected world. Measuring only a few millimeters, they contain delicate microscopic structures made of silicon.

The sensors use these structures to measure acceleration, air pressure, geomagnetic field, sound, yaw rate, temperature, humidity and quality of the air. Objects which do not have their own electronic components, as doors or windows, can be equipped with a tiny and efficient radio interface, besides a small battery, so that they can record the environment and become part of the Internet of Things.

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