Your home will be inhabited by household appliances which communicate with each other and robots that adjust TV, climate, shower, curtains and much more.

The smart homes make the daily life easier, providing more time for the things which really matter.

The Internet of Things is here to change the world and make it more connected. Thanks to the MEMS sensors of Bosch all this becomes possible. The devices communicate with each other and adapt automatically to the daily requirements in constant change. For greater comfort, safety and energy efficiency. Simply. Connected.

Reliability in the Smart home

A smart home allows the day-to-day to be more convenient, economical and safe, but many people are unaware of what a connected home is capable of doing. Besides turning off the lights automatically, your oven can suggest recipes, air quality sensors, as the Twin Guard of Bosch, will identify the air humidity and will be able to activate a humidifier and warn when pollution levels in the air are high.


Bosch solutions for smart home. Learn more.

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What a smart home is capable of doing. Learn more.

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Connected life

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