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Do you think the future starts today?
We do. In the spirit of our company founder Robert Bosch, we have actively shaped the future for more than 125 years, developing fascinating solutions for future generations.

Today, when you receive the message “Dinner’s ready” on your smartphone, it’s probably from your sweetheart at home − or from the Bosch Series 8 oven in your kitchen.
As soon as 2022, some 14 billion connected devices worldwide will be helping to make our lives easier. For us, this is not a distant dream. As the global leader in micromechanical sensors, we are shaping the technological transformation of our times every single day. In the process, we prove just how innovative and inventive we are by filing a new patent every 30 minutes.

Bosch gets innovation rolling − quite literally. Consider driving a car that you don’t have to steer yourself, for example. Our research is helping ensure that your mobile future will run in “relaxed” mode. And even if things become hectic in your everyday life, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your refrigerator is “thinking” right along with you, and will remind you in good time if there is no more milk.
At Bosch, you are in the very midst of where new trends are developed − as a visionary, inventor, and pioneer from the outset.

The future has no limits, and at Bosch, it’s just around the corner.

You can do it all!

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