Business lunches at Bosch Diversity Day

Bosch held its first annual global Diversity Day in 2014. Around the world, associates had the opportunity to actively address the topic of diversity beyond their everyday work.

The Business Lunch was one such opportunity: the event was held at a number of locations around the world, and included associates from many different departments. Associates were invited to talk about diversity-related topics in a relaxed atmosphere. At the Aranjuez site in Spain, colleagues and executives talked about the advantages of mixed teams, and about ways in which work time models and places of work can be made more flexible.

At Boxtel, Belgium, the women@bosch associate network organized a Ladies’ Business Lunch. The event gave young female associates in particular an opportunity to network and get career tips from Patricia Huppermans, head of sales at the Bosch location.

Bosch Sustainability Report 2014

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