CO₂ reduction as a benchmark

To ensure the efficient use of resources and energy, Bosch aims to achieve a 20 percent reduction of CO₂ emissions at its locations by 2020 over the 2007 reference year, relative to value-added. With training seminars, the company is raising the environmental awareness of its associates and enables them to improve their locations’ environmental performance with customized concepts.

One such concept is the CO₂ Performance Ladder, a certification system that has been used at the Bosch Security Projects division in Hoevelaken, the Netherlands, since the end of 2013. With it, the location has put the effectiveness of its CO₂ reduction measures to the test. In addition to this, the location openly communicates its progress in the areas of energy savings, the efficient use of resources, and use of renewable sources of energy. In October 2014, Robert Bosch B.V. received a Level 5 certificate from the TÜV authorities, the highest possible level of certification. This has been particularly helpful in public tenders: thanks to the CO₂ Performance Ladder, outstanding environmental performance can also result in measurable cost advantages. A company with Level 5 certification can cut 10 percent off of the initial bid. This makes a tenderer more competitive.

Bosch Sustainability Report 2014

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