Environmental sensors for smart control functions

Anyone who has ever spent time in a closed room knows the feeling of growing tired and having a hard time concentrating. Some people even get headaches when they are in a full room. This is because ambient air quality often worsens long before someone thinks to ventilate.

In the smart buildings of the future, tiny environmental sensors will be able to help before air quality deteriorates. At the beginning of 2015, Bosch took an important step in the right direction with the launch of the BME680. In addition to measuring air pressure, humidity, and temperature, the sensor is the first ever to also monitor the concentration of gases in the air. Combined with the corresponding applications, it can initiate ventilation automatically and prevent health hazards. Smart ventilation can also help prevent absenteeism resulting from illness, especially at locations where associates are regularly exposed to chemical vapors.

As global market leader for environmental sensors, Bosch research and development activities continuously focus on bringing sensors for smart applications to the masses. Today, every second smart phone is equipped with Bosch sensors.

Bosch Sustainability Report 2014

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