Sustainability Report 2014

Living better in the long term

According to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), protecting natural, economic, human, and social capital is necessary to secure long-term prosperity. Four of the things required to do this are an intact environment, beneficial products, health, and social cohesion. In line with this view of sustainability, Bosch works in a broad range of areas to contribute to the quality of life of current and future generations.

Natural capital: Raising environmental awareness in a targeted manner is one of the reasons why Bosch locations around the world have managed to reduce their relative CO₂ emissions by 19.9 percent since 2007.

Economic capital: Bosch produces some four million sensors each day. These sensors make driving safer and help consumers reduce their energy consumption.

Human capital: A working culture that values associates, promotes diversity, and ensures safety has a positive impact on the health of associates. Since 2007, sick days resulting from accidents in the workplace have seen a 38.7 percent decrease.

Social capital: In 2014, thousands of Bosch associates applied their skills outside of work: they volunteered their time for local, often long-term aid projects.


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An interview with Martine Durand of the OECD

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