Taking action for school children

When Bosch offered a medical check-up in September 2014 at a state elementary school in Bangalore, the school’s pupils didn’t hesitate to register. Ratna was among the children who lined up. Three years ago, when she had her first check-up at the age of 11, the doctor found that she had a ruptured abdominal wall. At the time, Bosch covered the cost of her surgery. Associates at the Bosch site nearby have since accompanied the girl to her follow-up appointments and helped her throughout the long treatment process.

Regular medical check-ups at schools are part of the “Child Health Development Program” that was initiated by Bosch in India. The health promotion program aims to prevent illness that would hinder children from going to school over long periods of time. The initiators of the program have also focused on making sure that schools have hygienic washrooms and clean drinking water. The initiative is run by Bosch associates, who volunteer their manual skills. They also accompany children to doctors’ appointments and help remove language barriers wherever necessary.

Bosch Sustainability Report 2014

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