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Investing in green ideas

Investing in green ideas

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Investing in green ideas

Where stakes in new companies pays dividends in more than one way.

"I spy with my little eye, something ... green." Many good children's games start off with a simple premise and, precisely because of this, build into something exciting. It is therefore almost logical to compare the process of founding a company with a children's game. This, too, often starts off with a simple idea, which then unfolds and takes shape. And the more players there are, the more exciting it can get – and that applies to both children's games and setting up a company. So where can we spy something green?

Virtually everything in the area surrounding the Bosch central office in Stuttgart's Schillerhöhe is green – there is almost nothing but trees as far as the eye can see. Many Bosch researchers also spy green. Around 45 percent of research and development expenditure is earmarked for products that save energy and resources.

These include green dishwashers, green heating systems, and green solar cells. "But dad, isn't our dishwasher white?" "Yes, but it's like this..." And that's when the game gets really exciting.

Who else can spy something green? "We spy organic solar cells," says Heliatek. "And we spy lithium-ion batteries," says Samsung. "We spy something green, too," says GreenPeak, "namely wireless technology that harvests its own energy." "Mmm," says Bosch, "we've also looked into that. Tell us some more and maybe we can work together to make even more things green." And this is where it starts getting exciting for companies, too.