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Bosch Start/Stop System: lower fuel consumption, higher environmental awareness.

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Knowing the costs and environmental consequences we can cause, we do not leave the TV, air conditioning, shower or any other electronic connected when we're not using, do we? So why would it be different with your car?

Bosch developed the Start/Stop System, result of a mutual action between the engine control and some sensors. Let’s suppose that your car is stopped, for instance, in a traffic light or traffic jam. In a fraction of second, the engine management checks if the vehicle is stopped, if the vehicle is in idle and if the battery has enough charge for restart. If everything is ok, the engine is shut down.

Stepping on the clutch pedal is enough to restart the engine in a safe, silent and quick way.

So far, only imported cars had this system. But from 2014, some domestic car models come from factory with the Start/Stop system, which ensures fuel saving and consequently, reducing gas emissions amount released in the atmosphere. If it is good for your pocket, it is even better to the environment.