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Chassis Systems Control

Chassis Systems Control
To our product pages

To our product pages

The Chassis Systems Control division develops and manufactures innovative components, functions and systems that are designed to make driving a safe and comfortable experience.

We are especially committed to developing sensors that observe vehicle surroundings and advancing new functions and systems that protect lives. In the future, we will network vehicles to other road users, infrastructure and the internet to ensure that our vision of accident and injury-free driving becomes a reality.

Areas of operation

  • Brake discs and products that actuate brakes, such as master cylinders and brake boosters, including Brake Assist
  • Electronic brake control systems ABS, TCS, ESP®/ESC
  • Sensors, such as wheel speed, steering angle and yaw-rate sensors
  • Electronics for protecting vehicle occupants and pedestrians, e.g. airbag control units and crash sensors
  • Driver assistance systems based on radar and video sensors, such as ACC, Predictive Emergency Braking System and Lane Assist Systems
  • Networked system solutions that ensure safety and agility