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Electrical Drives

Electrical Drives
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To our product pages

As part of the Automotive Technology business sector, the Electrical Drives division develops and manufactures mechatronic components and systems for body applications. With innovative actuators, components and systems for engine thermal management, air conditioning, and windshield cleaning, we offer new solutions for convenience functions as well as for the basic equipment of vehicles.

Focusing on customer benefit, quality, and competitive prices, we are market leaders in many of our business segments. The division includes the business units Actuation Systems, Thermo Systems, Wiper Systems, and a product group for new business fields. The division’s headquarters are Buehlertal in Germany.

Areas of operation

  • Actuators for window lifting, seat adjustment, and sunroof actuation
  • Blower modules and drives for engine cooling fans
  • Pumps and valves for engine cooling systems
  • Components for air conditioning
  • Front and rear wiper drives, wiper arms, and wiper blades
  • Electric steering motors, motors for ABS, ESP®, and eBikes