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Starter Motors and Generators

Starter Motors and Generators
To our product pages

To our product pages

We are a global partner of vehicle and engine manufacturers for environmental-friendly and efficient power generation. International teams develop starter motors and generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles which we produce in a worldwide manufacturing network.

Our generators guarantee a reliable supply of energy to the vehicle’s electrical system, their high efficiency contributing to a noticeable reduction in fuel consumption.

Our extensive range of starter motors comprises long-life starter motors for spark-ignition and diesel engines as well as product concepts for fuel-saving and thus CO2-reducing start/stop systems. In addition, we develop and manufacture electrical motors for hybrid vehicles.

All over the world, we play a leading role in the field of energy supply. Our products meet the highest standards demanded by our customers. To do this, we make full use of the comprehensive drivetrain know-how at Bosch for customer-oriented, innovative products and services. The Starter Motors and Generators division is represented globally and always close to our customers.

Areas of operation

  • Starter motors and generators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles
  • Start/stop starter motors for start/stop systems
  • Electric motors for hybrid vehicles