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El Dorado


Gas water heaters with HydroPower

HydroPower technology means that no electricity is needed for ignition. These water heaters consume up to 25 percent less gas than conventional gas water heaters with an ignition flame.

The right heating system for every kind of building Project

Whether for a new building or modernisation - you will find the right solution for every requirement with us. Our tailor-made heating and warm water systems bring economical and environmentally friendly technology into your home.

Gas heating boilers: Warmth for every size of home

Our gas heating systems can be used flexibly for every kind of requirement - in single-floor apartments or multi-family buildings with a living space of up to 10,000 m². We offer heating boilers which can be combined with various storage tanks, or combi boilers which supply warmth and warm water at the same time.

Heating controls: Easy to handle

Room temperature and weather-dependent controls, modules, remote controls and thermostatic radiator valves guarantee convenient and economic heating regulation. Intelligent features such as text displays make the handling very easy.

Solar technology: Saving power using the sun's energy

By heating water with solar collectors, your primary energy consumption can be reduced considerably: You can use a solar system to generate up to 60% of the energy you require over the period of one year. Our solar panels can be easily combined with gas heating boilers and gas water heaters.

Gas water heaters: Hot water whenever you need it

Our gas water heaters apply the economic instantaneous principle: When the water tap is opened, cold water is heated as it passes through the heater. In other words, the boiler only operates when hot water is actually needed.

Electric hot water heaters: Hot water from the socket

Even if a gas connection is not possible, there are many different ways to produce hot water using electricity. Find out about our economic water heating systems.

Heat pumps: Energy from the ground

Our heat pumps take the energy out of the ground, or from the air.