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2017-10-17 | Research

20 years moose test – a Boschler invented the ESP

*Bosch CEO Dr. Volkmar Denner: “Anton van Zanten and his engineering colleagues are the guardian angels of many drivers.” *To date, ESP has saved more than 8,500 lives in Europe alone. *After the seat belt, ESP is the most important vehicle safety system. *Anti-skid protection already features in 64 percent of all new vehicles worldwide. más

2017-10-17 | Noticias Corporativas

Augmented Reality applications accelerate motor-vehicle repairs and support technical trainings

*Significant time savings thanks to the use of Augmented Reality in workshops *Updated development platform allows device-independent AR applications *Innovative training possibilities thanks to multiple-user application más

2017-10-11 | Noticias Corporativas

Robert Bosch Venture Capital sells portfolio company Torqeedo

*Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC) invested in Torqeedo in 2012 *Successful industrialisation of Torqeedo product portfolio supported by RBVC *Investment helped Torqeedo in becoming leading manufacturer of E-Motors for boating industry más

2017-10-10 | Electrified mobility | Powertrain systems

New hybrid battery from Bosch – 48 volts is a recipe for success

*Short development times: Bosch is an incubator of electromobility *New 48-volt battery systematically designed to save fuel *Michael Budde: “We are confident that this will position us as a market leader for 48-volt batteries.” más

2017-10-09 | Noticias Corporativas

New and particularly robust generation of Bosch industrial spark plugs with increased service life

*Reduced costs thanks to increased service life, less engine breakdowns and increased service intervals *Significantly increased head bending strength, dielectric strength and warm gas tightness *Service life increased by 30 percent compared to previous generations of industrial spark plugs más

2017-10-05 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch Energy and Building Technology press briefing


2017-10-05 | Noticias Corporativas

Market launch: new filling and closing machine AFG 5000 from Bosch

*Output of up to 480 vials per minute *Number of filling points can be individually selected *Optimal use of work stations thanks to the new transport system más

2017-10-05 | Noticias Corporativas

2017/2018 training tour: Bosch eBike Systems brings dealers up to date

*Professional introduction to new products *Further developments in digitisation and diagnosis *Over 35,000 dealers trained so far around Europe *Training tour now takes in Scandinavia, too más

2017-10-05 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch is making hospitals smart

*Connected solutions for greater safety, convenience, and efficiency in hospitals *Operators, staff, and patients benefit from connected services *Bosch expects smart hospitals to generate sales of 100 million euros *Energy and Building Technology business sector to grow by around five percent in 2017 *To the press kit más

2017-09-29 | Industry 4.0

Tallinn Digital Summit: Nokia and Bosch research data speedway for factory of the future


2017-09-28 | Working at Bosch

Digital school bag for apprentices at Bosch

*Digital first in occupational training *Director of Industrial Relations Kübel: “The digital transformation requires well-trained workers.” *Percentage of women twice as high as the national average *1,500 apprenticeships for 2018 más

2017-09-28 | Electrified mobility | Connected mobility

Bosch eBike Systems plans the takeover of COBI GmbH

*Bosch eBike Systems expands its product portfolio with the acquisition of COBI *COBI is a start-up in the field of connected biking *Networking of user, services, bike and pedelec *Tomorrow's mobility: electrified, automated, connected * más

2017-09-27 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch Packaging Technology wins German Packaging Award 2017

*Concept convinces jury thanks to optimized output and reduced waste *Automatic adjustment of sealing process *International jury rated 200 projects from twelve countries más

2017-09-26 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch showcases vertical packaging solutions for Latin American food companies

*Vertical packaging solutions for coffee and chips *From entry-level solutions to high-speed systems – all from a single source *Local service support for Latin American market más

2017-09-25 | Noticias Corporativas

Bosch Packaging Technology wins the Green Packaging Award 2017

*Concept convinces thanks to conserved resources and reduced waste *Sustainable packaging for mandrel wheel and vertical machines *Jury rated 60 projects from the DACH region más